pistaboy said: Hi Ube! I was just wondering if you still do frame painting? I have a carbon frame I've meaning to paint for the longest time. My old room mate, Chris Ng, had his singlespeed cross frame painted by you a few years back (It was light blue and it had 'cycle of style' on the down tube). It looked amazing. Anyway just wondering how much a matte grey with black decals would cost for the best quality paint job? Cheers!

Hey there, thanks for contacting me - I do paint frames here and there but I’m back in the design industry so time is a bit limited for the Icecream Shop. 

I do know Chris, he’s a cool cat that brings the wild side out of anyone ;). That ‘cycle of style’ frameset is pretty ol’ school. Still a good looking frameset but just haven’t made reference to it in quite sometime.

Feel free to shoot me an email and we’ll see what your working with and I can give you an itemized breakdown: ubeurban@gmail.com

Yours sincerely,

ube urban

Anonymous said: how do you buy kendama here?

I only custom paint/graffiti kendama now. I no longer sell them. email if interested: ube.ubesicecreamshop@yahoo.com

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