fun quick side project… :)

fun quick side project… :)

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Here at the Icecream Shop, creativity is of the utmost importance. This creativity manifests itself through the skills I have gleaned from my design, graffiti, and painting backgrounds, in a design that is as unique, complex, and vibrant as the rider. This product is the result of a fusion of my expertise and the client’s vision, tastes, and desires. What I aim to create in one of my icecream paintjobs is a reflection of the client’s personality and passions, utilizing involved pearls, sparkles, fades, and metallic effects to form a unique iridescence within the paint and a multi-dimentional, flavorful result. To achieve this final product, I work personally with my clients, to create a ‘flavor’ of paint that is in tune with the bike and rider in question. Are you looking fir a paint job that is unique, energetic, and complex, while posessibg the clarity of design and concept that makes it truly yours? Consider the Icecream Shop for a paint job that truly stands out in any environment.